Monday, March 16, 2020

7 Amazing Healthcare Jobs That Dont Need a Bachelors Degree

7 Amazing Healthcare Jobs That Dont Need a Bachelors Degree healthcare jobs are expanding and will continue to do so in the coming years. the good news is that there are a number of healthcare jobs that do not require that you go back to school to earn  a bachelor’s degree. many of these jobs offer good pay with benefits and a secure future, since demand will continue to grow as baby boomers age and the population grows. coach for nutrition and dietnutrition degrees generally require you to have attended  college and can sometimes include advanced degrees. however, a job as a coach requires only a training program of one year. with the rise in society’s interest in  nutrition and diet, this might be a good field to assistantaccording to second act careers, a dental assistant may learn skills by working on  the job itself. speaking to patients about oral hygiene, performing  x-rays and other tasks ordered by the dentist are common duties associated with this job. if you want to learn about this job throug h formal education, schooling should take a year or less.personal care assistantthis is a fast-growing career, and demand is likely to increase as the population grows older. a job as a personal care assistant may include helping an individual bathe or dress, preparing meals, running errands and taking the person to medical appointments. education for  this job is short-term, and most can be  learned while performing the job.phlebotomy technicianif you aren’t someone who faints at the sight of blood, becoming a phlebotomy technician may be the right job for you. most of these jobs are in hospital settings. a  phlebotomist’s responsibility is to draw blood and take proper care of the samples. after you have had 45 hours of training through classes and 30 hours of experience through hands-on training, you can become  certified by taking an exam.ekg technicianyou can get employment as an ekg technician in hospitals, private cardiologists’ offices, and in re hab programs. after you have taken around 20 hours of instruction inside a classroom and gained hands-on skills for around another 20 hours, you can take the exam to get certified.medical assistantbecoming a medical assistant or looking for medical receptionist jobs means you will have to become familiar with medical terminology.  this job will have you doing medical secretary work such as making and confirming office appointments, managing the doctor’s schedule, and greeting patients. to become a medical assistant, you will probably need to complete  a postsecondary training program that takes around one year. the job outlook for medical office jobs is higher than many future jobs.veterinary technicianan individual who doesn’t want to work with people but loves animals might like to become a veterinary technician. becoming a vet tech requires an associate’s degree. the job outlook is expected to grow much faster than many other jobs, and you get to spend yo ur time around cute pets. what could be better?job opportunities in healthcare are expanding and expected to continue, so this might be the right time to get into a career in some part of this expansive field. thejobnetwork can help by sending you listings of jobs in the healthcare or other fields as they come up. all you do is fill out your job wishes and qualifications and thejobnetwork operates around the clock to send you alerts as jobs matching your description arise. sign up for job match alert to find the health care job that is right for you.

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