Wednesday, January 15, 2020

A Whole New Mind

Pink has presented sharp scientific evidence in his book A Whole New Mind that comes as common knowledge to the majority of us in our society. He also stressed the several capabilities of right-brain thinking such as creativity, artistry, empathy, inventiveness, and overall big picture viewpoints. I noticed that Pink failed to mention any historical aspects before the 1900’s. For example; during the European Renaissance numerous right-brain thinking characters sprouted with many ideas for the world. These characters include painters, sculptors, inventors, musicians, and writers all across Europe. We all know, however, that the European Renaissance came and went. What will this new Conceptual Age produce differently than the faded right-dominance of the European Renaissance years? Looking back in time between the years of 1400-1550 the geniuses of this world contributed to the life we live in now. I only say this because if they weren’t important to our society today than we wouldn’t have had to learn about them during our high school years or even our college years. A brilliant inventor, painter, musician, and mathemation Leonardo da Vinci is one man who seems to have a great grasp of life in all his talents. He along with many other philosophers of that era seemed to fit the description of what I feel Pink suggests we should obtain throughout our lives to be successful and to lead our life in a way to help not only our generation but for the generations after ours as well. As we have studied in countless texts in high school about the several factors for the downfall of the European Renaissance and the complications after that time we should feel troubled to once again attempt to shift our minds. Right-brain thinking is an aged solution. Pink’s proposal is one we have already gone through but is introduced in a business-like manner unlike the European Renaissance. How are we supposed to know that the Conceptual Age will not increase the desire to create machines that will replace the art industry, so that beauty can be drawn in an instant? I think that Pink’s transition solution from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age should be revised to explain more of what he has missed in his book that had me puzzled.

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