Thursday, November 21, 2019

Video review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Video review - Essay Example Organization culture is also aligned in respect to the set goals. Organization structure is aligned in respect to the goals with each department working to achieve the set goal in order to achieve the overall organizational goals (CEB 1). As stated by the speaker, the four critical trends which should be responded to are complex new work environment, the changing work force demographic, the management of talent in respect to the business management and the talents strained by the new realities (CEB 1). The four generation of people explained by the speaker include the individual who work through others, individuals who need close supervision in order to work, talented people but placed in wrong working department and those in need of training in order to perform. All those generation must be managed properly for business progress. The HR should not dismiss individuals who do not deliver but they should be trained and monitor them to identify their talent and fix them in the right department (CEB 1). One significant reality strained by employees in workplace is changing to new work environment. In many cases employees change demographic or places of work in which they experience new rules. Employees moved from one organization to another and strain in adopting the new terms and goal (CEB 1). The five big steps explained by the speaker which companies need to take to drive better talents for good business outcomes are looking back for performance, organizing human resources through performance, moving to new view, redefining means of measuring success and driving any new move through application and not theories (CEB 1). The implications of the human resource function in an organization are network performance, high performance talent, achieving breakthrough performance after application of network performance, team work and process design. The human resource leadership must carry out different

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